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Growing and Going

The Teen Storytellers Project helps under-resourced and at-risk teens find encouragement, fulfillment, and hope through the art form of filmmaking. At the Teen Storytellers Project Digital  Gym students have free access to equipment, technology and mentorship. Our filmmaking and production classes are free to all students, including court-involved or incarcerated youth at Denney Juvenile Justice Center.


Help us impart care, creativity, courage, and hope for a bright future through the multi faceted art of filmmaking and video production.

Corporate Sponsorship

October 1/2022 - Sept 30, 2023

Thank you for considering TSP's  Corporate Sponsorship program. Please click the button below for downloadable information. We look forward to speaking to you regarding this unique and vital opportunity.

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"Ripple Ministries is one of the very best organization out there. They pour everything they have into the their students who participate in their program.  Students interested in learning about film making will not only gain knowledge and experience about the industry, but feel loved and encouraged in every aspect of their life. Ripple Ministries is top notch!"

- momton3, Everett WA

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